Build Stronger Arms in 12 Minutes With This Workout


Start with arm circles to loosen up and increase blood flow.


Begin with 1 minute of standard push-ups to target your chest and triceps.

Chair Dips

Use a sturdy chair for 1 minute of dips to engage your triceps and shoulders.

Bicep Curls

Grab a pair of water bottles and do bicep curls for 1 minute on each arm.

Plank Taps

Get into a plank position and alternate tapping your shoulder with opposite hands for 1 minute.

Tricep Push-Ups

Focus on triceps with 1 minute of tricep push-ups, keeping elbows close to your body.

Diamond Push-Ups

Form a diamond shape with your hands and perform push-ups for 1 minute.

Resistance Band Pull-Aparts

Grab a resistance band and do pull-aparts for 1 minute to work your upper back.

Plank Up-Downs

Transition from forearm to high plank for 1 minute, targeting core and arms.

Side Plank

Hold a side plank on each side for 1 minute to engage obliques and arms.

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